Road Racing

Road Racing with Reading Cycling Club Race Team, RCC RT

In a club of nearly 300 members, there’s a small hungry peloton of racers who want the club to be in all the glory on the podiums. From latecomers to the sport, comeback kings and queens, to full time workers, students, mums and dads, who work hard and race harder.

While we may not be the elite, we certainly wish to dominate whatever race we enter.

But more than that we are a team that go further than just being good on the bike, we are a team full of support for one another at whatever part of the racing journey we are on.

With a current mens and ladies roster of determined Cat 4 and Cat 3 racers who want to shoot up the race categories, we need you to race and help paint the peloton blue in our race kits, so we can increase the chance of podiums at crits and road races raced.

So if you’d like to join we would love to have you race with us. Just contact Chris here.

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