Club Rides

Getting the best out of club runs.

All participants

  • First and foremost, we should always act in a manner that supports our fellow members and represents RCC in good light – inappropriate behaviour towards others and abuse of the highway code could result in you being asked to leave the group
  • Join a ride you are comfortable with; distance and average speeds are posted in advance via the Strava group where you can register for the ride. If you join a ride and are unable to keep up, you may end up getting dropped (please note we do have some non-drop rides for new members and those looking to move up groups/ride at a social pace)
  • Have a think about leading your own ride, we would love everyone that takes part in club runs to give something back by volunteering to lead or at one of our club events
  • Follow the club run code of conduct – it really makes things safer for everyone and helps us represent RCC in good light – Club Rides – Reading Cycling Club
  • Ride safe. At times the group may need to single out to allow cars to pass, likewise we may need to slow down or stop when near vulnerable road users such as horses, cyclists, or pedestrians, do not ride more than 2 abreast
  • Download the “what3words” app prior to riding and always carry emergency contact information/ identification
  • Always support the ride leader and call out any unsafe behaviour or which presents RCC in a bad light. At times you may be asked to support as a “back marker” and help the ride leader with larger groups
  • Carry out a bike safety check before you leave the house and always come self sufficient. Ride leaders are not responsible for fixing punctures, if you have never changed a tube have a go yourself before joining a ride. (Tubes with correct length valve, plastic tyre levers, pump, tyre boots/patch, split link, and multi tool recommended as a minimum)
  • Never stop in the middle of the road or on a bend, if waiting for other riders stop in a safe place and off the road. When stopping always let the group know and do not slam the brakes on or swerve off the road for no reason
  • If anyone drops off the back or passes on a message, let the ride leader know
  • If you decide to fly off the front then be prepared to miss the next turn, ride leaders are not responsible for chasing members down
  • If you are unhappy with the route/are planning to drop off simply let the ride leader know before you disappear. This saves an SOS search!
  • All our ride leaders are volunteers, a “thanks for leading” or “that was a great route” goes a long way!

Ride leaders

  • Hold a 60 second ride briefing before the start of each ride, know everyone’s names, cover off route, average speed, stop, group riding expectations and safety messages.
  • Only take out a group you are comfortable with. Limit numbers, if necessary (max 12 strongly recommended)
  • For larger groups ask a fellow rider to act as back marker, this is particularly important on social rides and where we have guest riders
  • If you need to stop the ride, please ask all members to stop off the road when safe
  • Thursday, Saturday and Sunday rides qualify for points. Please send member names and whether wearing an RCC jersey to or ask one of the participants to do so!

In the event of an accident/incident

  • Stop in a safe space and delegate tasks, who will make the scene safe, who will call emergency services if required etc
  • For serious accidents, record any details, Witnesses, Location, what happened on your phone to be transferred to an accident form within 24 hours
  • Let the Club secretary, Club runs sectary and Welfare officer know asap via email – they will help if the incident needs reporting to our insurance company and Cycling UK
  • Please do not post any details on Strava/social media until the committee have been in contact with you
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