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Hello Women riders, welcome to the RCC Women page!

We have many great events organised not only for men and mixed groups but also targeted for Women.

RCC’s female membership is increasing and we hope to see this trend continue.

Women are welcome on all club rides but we also host specific women-only club rides. These start from 30-mile relaxed rides with plenty of chatting at a social pace, up to 60 miles with more of a focus on training. They are advertised on the club Facebook page – see the events section…

New members are always welcome. If you’re joining us on a club ride, please bring spare inner tubes, pump, drink, snack and some money for the cafe stop.

Many of our female members just enjoy a social ride with a chat and coffee and riding in a group is a great way to boost your confidence on the road. Some of our Women club members prefer a bit more of a challenge and are regular participants in sportives, audax, time-trials, road and criterium racing and cyclocross. We do also organise Women Zwift indoor ride session on a regular basis.

There are more Women than ever taking part in our events and we are very proud of it. For example, at the recent National Hill Climb Championship in Streatley which was organised by our club, we hit a record in participation thanks to a very successful Women campaign which aimed to encourage more female riders to the start line whether they are amateurs, semi or professionals. We gathered 142 Women which is the highest number of female entrants ever to enter this National championship and was more than double the number of female entrants to previous ones. Our campaign was more of a success than we could ever have imagined!

Please do get in touch with us if you would like to give it a try and join us! Our women’s rep is Harriet and she can be reached in the club Facebook group or by email at

See you soon on the road, at a race or virtually on Zwift!

Check out our women’s Facebook page

I want to be motivational and inspirational for everybody: my big aim is more women on bicycles

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