Not a race, not a tour, not a sportive, not a club run – Accessible events for the casual rider.

Audax has existed as a branch of the sport in the UK for many years, but has always had something of a niche appeal to long distance riders – for example only having officially dropped the requirement for mudguards and lights in the last few years. These days Audax events are much more accessible for the casual rider, notable for being comparatively cheap to enter compared to Sportives, and usually offering well planned and challenging routes, typically from 100km up to 600km monsters. The main difference between Audaxes and Sportives is that Audaxes don’t usually have signposted routes but rely on riders reading a route card, don’t provide any food/drink on the ride itself (although there’s usually food available at the finish), and typically don’t publish results in finishing order.

Visit for more information on Audax and Sportives in general.

Audax UK

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