Reading CC has a several dedicated Audax riders, regularly riding 200km events throughout the year, and longer during the spring , summer and autumn months

Whilst Audax events have a relatively low profile, within Reading CC there are several riders who are currently riding local 200km events throughout the year, potentially aiming to achieve the RRtY (Ride Round the Year) award. They share their experiences of their rides on the Reading CC Facebook page. Rides of this length are rarely going to be uneventful, so they be an interesting read, and will give a good insight into what its like to ride an audax event if they are new to you.

All these riders have aspirations to achieve the Super Randoneur status in 2022, which requires a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km ride to be undertaken within one season. These longer rides require both physical fitness, as well as self reliance and mental determination, to keep going, and finish with the time limits as fatigue becomes a bigger factor. Beyond 600km rides, are 1000km and a few longer events which take you into multi day rides and the ability to sleep and manage yourself effectively become paramount.

During 2019 three Reading CC riders tackled and succeeded in riding the Paris Brest Paris 1200km ride which is the pinnacle of many Audax riders achievements. Not only does this require a huge commitment during the event, but it is necessary to prequalify the year before, and complete a Super Randoneur series of events in the months before the event, just to be accepted into the event. And if 1200km isn’t enough for you, the club has one rider who has completed the Transcontinental 4000km race across Europe.

So to sum up, if you are a rider who is interested in starting to ride Audax events, or is an experienced Audax rider and is looking for a club that has a community of audax riders to join up with, then Reading CC could be the club for you. For further details contact Adrian.

Visit for more information on Audax and Sportives in general.

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