Club Rides

Reading CC club runs form the backbone of social cycling within the club.

Three groups depart from outside the Old Town Hall, Blagrave Street, Reading, next to the Queen Victoria statue, on Sunday mornings at 09.00: Steady, Brisk and Fast. With the popularity of the humble club run increasing we often see Thursday and Saturday rides too as well as Social rides which represent a great introduction to Reading Cycling club!

Please note: There are no organised club runs on the occasional days where RCC is promoting a major open event (e.g. Time Trial, Road Race, Off Road, Sportive).

You can find out about planned activities for the week from the club email list (members only) or the Reading CC group on Facebook (open access).

If you are not an RCC member, or have not ridden on an RCC club run previously, please read the code of conduct and ride leader guidance – this really will help ensure you have a great day on the bike and come back wanting more.

Before turning up on Sunday morning, to help you get the best out of the rides. A condition of our 3rd party insurance allows a maximum of three trial rides with the club before you will need to sign up and join as a member.

As with all club events all ride leaders volunteer their time to plan and lead a club run, if you are turning up for a specific ride please check first to avoid disappointment.

The Social group will aim for an average speed around 13-15 mph average, as with all rides distances and routes are planned in advance.

The Steady and Brisk groups will aim at around 15-18 mph average, with Steady at the lower end of the range and Brisk at the higher end, covering 50-60 miles with a tea stop at 11am. Mudguards in the winter are strongly encouraged. Destinations are published in advance on the email list/Facebook group

The Fast group aims for an average speed of 18-21 mph, covering 50-70 miles with a tea stop at 11am. Arthur Satterley once wrote: “The fast group is fun, exhilarating, social and at times tough; if you are committed to making it with us, we welcome anyone. However, as with any run, you need to be able (or satisfied) to ride at 18-21mph average and be sensitive to those who might be cooked. But we can’t guarantee what is going to happen and we won’t rule the run like dictators.” Destinations are decided by the participants on the day.

As the weather gets warmer we see the rise of the 8am and “epic” club run, these are planned & advertised in advance and often see rides in excess of 100 miles including the odd 200 mile ride – All this for £15 membership a year!

If you’d like to devise a route and lead a group one Sunday, please get in touch with the Clubruns Secretary listed on the committee page, we look forward to seeing you on the road soon!

Reading Cycling Club Rides

Embrace your sweat. It is your essence and your emancipation.

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