Club Rides

Reading CC club runs form the backbone of social cycling within the club.

Our club runs depart from various locations across the town on Thursday’s, Saturday’s and Sundays, dependent on volunteer ride leaders these can include various rides from a 30-mile social to a 150-mile epic ride although our staple rides are around the 40–70-mile mark, slightly more in Spring/Summer and slightly less in Autumn/Winter!

Click here for a list of up and coming club runs.

The Social group will aim for an average speed of 13-15 mph, covering 25-50 miles.

The Steady group will aim for an average speed of 15-17mph, covering 50-70 miles.

The Brisk group aims for an average speed of 17-19 mph, covering 50-80 miles.

The Fast group aims for an average speed of 19-21 mph, covering 50-80 miles.

As well as the great array of speeds and distances on offer for all to join, we also run dedicated Women’s rides.

These vary in distance and speed, however, provide a fantastic opportunity to get on the bike and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with like-minded women – Please contact Harriet our Women’s rep for more information.

Most rides include a café stop half-way so we can re-fuel along the way, evening rides are non-stop along with some of our shorter Saturday morning rides enabling riders to get back before lunch.

If you’d like to join a club run as a guest rider and find out more about Reading Cycling Club, please email or message us on Facebook to secure your place.

(If under 18 please refer to our young person’s guidance)

You can find out about planned activities for the week from the club email list & Strava group (members only) or the club run’s secretary, due to the popularity of our rides we ask that you contact us in advance if you wish to join.

If you are not an RCC member, or have not ridden on an RCC club run previously, please read the code of conduct and ride leader guidance – this really will help ensure you have a great day on the bike and come back wanting more.

All our ride leaders volunteer their time to plan and lead rides, prior to joining we ask you choose one that suits your abilities and are comfortable with the average speed shown, given the local area there can be a few hills and different types of roads, if you’re unsure what ride would be suitable, please drop us a message and we will find the best ride for you.

As the weather gets warmer, we see the rise of the 8am and “epic” club run, these are planned & advertised in advance and often see rides in excess of 100 miles including the odd 200-mile ride – All this for £15 membership a year! (£4 for young persons and Students).

Please contact or message us on Facebook or Instagram to register your interest, everyone is welcome to join us as a guest rider for up to 3 rides before being required to join the club.

*Please note, to join a Reading Cycling Club ride you must have a road legal bicycle in good working order, if joining on an EPAC (Electrical power assisted cycle) the motors power output should be no more than 250 Watts and should not propel the bike at a speed over 15.5mph.

Reading Cycling Club Rides

Embrace your sweat. It is your essence and your emancipation.

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