Young person’s guidance

Reading Cycling Club: Young person’s guidance


This version of the Reading Cycling Club’s (RCC) Young person’s guidance is updated in line with RCC’s constitution.

This guidance has been reviewed by RCC Committee in January 2022

RCC regards riders aged below 18 as important to the future of the sport, and it is the club’s collective wish that while we are unable to coach and develop young riders, they can still join RCC rides and events.

Young persons wishing to race and develop their cycling career can check out Palmer Park Velo who cater for young cyclists across the Reading area


Juniors = 16 and 17 years of age, for club events all members are viewed as an Adult after their 18th Birthday

Juveniles = Under 16 (See specifics for 13-15)

Parents = include guardian or nearest adult relative

Juniors and Juveniles are treated separately.

General guidelines

Although RCC wishes to welcome Junior & Juvenile riders it is not a cycling club aimed at developing Junior & Juvenile. RCC does not have the infrastructure to support coaching Junior & Juvenile members.

While some members may have DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificates for other purposes RCC does not put volunteer leaders or event organisers through DBS checks and as such no members are able to act as guardians for Junior & Juvenile members.

Events run by RCC are likely to have a physically demanding aspect. It is the parent’s responsibility to review the type of event and decide whether the Junior/Juvenile can achieve.

Junior/Juvenile members must have a signed consent form for all club events, Helmets should be always worn and a mobile phone/emergency contact details carried on the rider/bike

Club Rides

RCC recognises that there are many talented young riders, and all club runs are open to riders 13+ if relevant insurance conditions/guidelines are followed as explained below.

  • Any Junior/Juvenile or their Parents/Guardians must contact the club run secretary before joining a club ride, if a guest Junior/Juvenile turns up without prior engagement they will be unable to join the ride.
  • All riders must follow the club code of conduct regardless of age

On all club runs the ride leader will as far as possibly assess whether the Junior/Juvenile rider is properly equipped to undertake and sufficiently able to complete the ride and will make it his or her best endeavour to ensure that:

  1. The Junior/Juvenile rider understands the length/timings of the ride prior to leaving Reading
  2. The Junior/Juvenile rider is never left behind or otherwise allowed to get lost.
  3. The Junior/Juvenile rider is returned to Reading Town Centre or a dropping off place from which he or she is happy to make his or her way back home.

In the spirit of the club all members should understand that they have a duty of care to Junior/Juvenile riders and support the ride leader.

All members should avoid being on their own with the Junior/Juvenile rider however it is understood that on occasions rides may split when returning to different parts of Reading.

It is noted that RCC club events are run in a public environment.

If on the rare occasion no other members join the ride, then the Junior/Juvenile member(s) will be unable to ride alone with the ride leader and the ride will be postponed. 

Juniors (16-17)

A junior rider who is a member of the club must have a digital parental consent form e signed as part of the joining process, this will then be sent to the Club’s membership Secretary via email.

This will give general consent to the named junior rider undertaking rides with RCC.

The parent will have in return received a copy of our club constitution and code of conduct

If a junior rider is a non-member but wishes to participate in an RCC event, they must have the appropriate guest rider consent form signed by their parent/guardian for the specific event they wish to join.

Juveniles (13-15)

As well as having a signed consent form on their first ride with the club whether as a member or guest all Juvenile riders must be accompanied by a parent, coach recognised by the parents or other responsible adult known to and approved by the parents/guardian and Reading Cycling Club.

If the Juvenile aged 13-15 successfully completes this ride and with agreement from their Parent/Guardian, Club runs Secretary and Welfare officer they will be able to join RCC as a fully paid-up member and join club runs alone.

Time Trials

All club Time Trials are run under CTT (Cycling Time Trials) guidance and as such all members must follow this as well as having an event specific consent form.

Any young persons should contact the event organiser prior to the event and complete the relevant consent forms

Social events

The club holds annual social events, due to the locations of these events young persons may be unable to attend, if a member aged under 18 wishes to attend a social event, they should seek permission from the social secretary prior to attending.


To summarise, although RCC wishes to encourage young riders it does not have the infrastructure to Coach them.

The onus of support therefore must fall onto the parent or designated adult. For further information contact the relevant committee member.



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