Best All Rounder

The club’s Best All Rounder (BAR) competitions are based on the national BBAR (Best British All Rounder). BARs are competitions based on a series of time trial events where the average speed is used to determine the winner. The national competition requires multiple rides at various distances. From 2009 RCC BAR will be based on a single ride at each qualifying distance. The veteran BARs are calculated on total of their minus against standard. This is the same as the three distance award from VTTA.

Any ride in a verifiable club or open TT may count. Note that this includes private trials, but as stated these must be verifiable with the club that the event was ridden with.

If you are interested in riding open TTs all details are available on the Cycling Time Trials web site.

BARs recognised by RCC are:

BAR Qualifying Rides
Senior BAR 100, 50, 25
Mini BAR 50, 25, 10
Veteran BAR 100, 50, 25
Veteran Mini BAR 50, 25, 10
Women’s BAR 10, 25
Junior BAR 10, 25

For more information contact the Time Trial Secretary.

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