RCC 2019 Club Awards

RCC 2019 Club Awards

RCC 2019 Club Awards 150 150 Reading Cycling Club

Ride of the Year

Anthony Maynard Spirit Award

Club Person of the Year

Anisa Aubin
Audax & Sportive Rider of the Year

James Churchard
Men’s TT BAR, Short Distance and Veteran TT BAR, Men’s Fastest 10-mile, 25-mile, 50-mile and 100-mile TT

Sam Elwell
Men’s Individual Sportive Ride Award, Marmotte

Steve Ferry
Audax Points Award

Rachel Fort
Women’s 25 mile TT Champion

Matthew Gara
Points Champion, Most club runs led, most RCC jerseys

Cindy Goslar
Women’s Individual Sportive Ride Award, Mallora 312

Pete Gough
Men’s Multi Day Sportive Award, Tour of Wessex

Christina Gustafson
Road Racer of the Year, Road Race Champion, Women’s Multi Day Sportive Award (TOW), Women’s Track Champion and Women’s Points Champion

Rob Jefford
Men’s Track Champion

Rod MacFadyen
Veteran Short Distance TT BAR, most Tuesday TT participations, rider who helped at most events

Jennifer Magill
Women’s Road Bike 10 mile-TT Champion, Women’s TT BAR, Women’s Fastest 10-mile and 25-mile TT

David Ivory
Veteran Track Champion

James Scrivener
Men’s Hill Climb Champion

Paul Whitehorne
Dave Finch TT Series Winner and Men’s Road Bike 10-mile TT Champion

Greg Woodford
Men’s 10 mile and 25 mile TT Champion and Veteran’s Standard Champion (10-mile, 25-mile and Overall)

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